Hybrid Ventilation Heat Recovery
HVR Zero X

HVR Zero sets a new benchmark for the future generation of  low energy hybrid ventilation systems that integrate heat exchange ventilation strategies. It provides natural ventilation, hybrid mixing ventilation and low energy mechanical heat recovery ventilation in one compact unit. The system operates completely autonomously to ensure optimum indoor air quality with the lowest possible energy use - in terms of both the energy consumption of the ventilation system and overall building energy usage.

The sophisticated design encapsulates unwanted noise and eliminates or dampens it to virtually inaudible levels.

The all-aluminium casing provides a hard barrier to internally generated noise. The Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) body is comprised of beads of material steam fused together. This process creates micro pockets of air, increasing sound absorption internally.

The leading edge of the system uses the principle of an owl’s wing to accelerate and decelerate the distributed  ventilation air. This unique design reduces the audible noise of the movement of the ventilation air.