Hybrid Ventilation Heat Recovery
HVR Zero X +

Embracing a zero-carbon future requires an alternative approach. The X+ model includes a heating coil that can provide the primary heating needed for a room, using the lower water flow temperatures provided through renewable heat pump solutions. The X+ model lowers power consumption of buildings through combining ventilation, heat recovery and heating through a highly efficient, integrated solution with a harmonious control strategy.  


The X+ model will preheat the room before the occupied periods, allowing more ventilation air to be provided at higher temperatures and velocities, therefore heating the room more efficiently whilst keeping noise to a minimum during occupied periods. The space is actively heated by recirculating room air which is blown across the heating coil. It is also able to directly heat fresh air and therefore actively ventilate the indoor space by keeping CO2 levels within a range of specific set points. To minimise energy use, the heating control system has an adaptive algorithm that estimates how long it will take to heat the room up to the heating set point temperature compensating for weather conditions and room temperatures.