After 10 years as part of VKR Holding, the management team at UK-based Monodraught will take ownership of the company.

On June 30, VKR Holding sold UK based Monodraught – a manufacturer and installer of solutions for natural ventilation, cooling and lighting – to the management team at Monodraught.

This transaction completes the divestment of VKR Group’s ventilation business area, which began in 2013. The Group now comprises companies active within Roof Windows & Skylights, Vertical Windows and Thermal Solar Energy.

Led by Managing Director Andrew McCubbin, Monodraught designs, manufactures and installs natural and hybrid ventilation, cooling and lighting systems to create low energy, low carbon sustainable buildings. The business works predominately within the education sector and provides a holistic approach to design including 3D building simulation analysis.

Having partnered with many leading UK universities in R&D, Monodraught has a long history of innovating and pioneering the launch of products for the built environment and is recognised as an award winning market leader.

As part of the future growth strategy, Monodraught plans to develop a wide portfolio of commercial ventilation and cooling products, allowing it to move into new markets.

Andrew McCubbin, MD of Monodraught said: “After a sustained period of increased revenues, we now find ourselves in an excellent position to expand into strategic new markets.”

Mads Kann-Rasmussen, CEO of VKR Holding said: “Monodraught has a strong track record and we believe the company has a very bright future under new ownership. We wish the management team and the employees every success.”

About VKR Holding

VKR Holding is a limited holding and investment company with the objective to create value through financial investments and ownership of companies. In total, VKR Holding's companies employ about 14,100 people in 41 countries. VKR Holding is wholly owned by family and foundation with VILLUM FONDEN as the major shareholder.

About Monodraught

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