23rd April 2018

Monodraught Ltd of High Wycombe have received a Queen's Award for Innovation.  We are delighted to receive this recognition for our development of a system that provides intelligent control of ventilation and cooling using phase change materials.

Announcing the award, Andrew McCubbin, Managing Director of Monodraught said “The Queen’s Awards are recognised and highly rated here in the UK and indeed worldwide.  They provide customers with confidence of our commercial and technological edge.  Having won awards for this product from CIBSE and Ashden previously, the Queen’s Award is a prestigious addition to these accolades.

We are delighted to receive this award particularly for Cool-phase, our innovative PCM based cooling and ventilation system.  We have a high percentage of engineers in our work force and innovation is part of our DNA. This isn’t just about developing and launching new products, it’s also about looking at how we work in every area of our business.  All our functions including marketing, installation, production and finance are always challenging the boundaries and looking for ways to improve.”

Nick Hopper, Technical Director said “We continue to develop the evolution of our Cool-phase system, having released Cool-phase Hybrid.  This system has an additional heat pump to enable a more precise heating and cooling capacity.  Our new touch screen user interface provides a clear graphical representation of how the system works, meaning it is more intuitive for end-users to control.   With our intelligent sensors installed in each unit we are able to monitor and refine performance.  These consistently report that thermal comfort levels are maintained even in summer months, whilst CO2 levels keep rooms fresh.  The data on energy use is also compelling.”

The system works all year round, monitoring temperature and CO2 levels to determine exactly how much fresh air and cooling is required. It uses a patented phase change material that acts as a thermal energy store in conjunction with extremely low energy fans to cool the building. It is modular and can scale to suit the building type and size.

There can be a high cost to business of maintaining a comfortable working environment with regulated temperature and fresh air. With combined capital and running cost savings of on average 60% compared to air conditioning, the system is delivering significant efficiencies for businesses, as well as dramatically reducing their environmental footprint.

The award will be presented at an event at our offices later this year as well as a reception at Buckingham Palace. 

To read some powerful Monodraught case studies, please visit our Project Pages.  Alternatively, contact one of our Technical Consultants to discuss how the system might suit your specific application.

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