3rd February 2016

Cool-phase is a low energy cooling and ventilation system that creates a comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment and reduces the running costs of buildings. Our Cool-phase product was updated recently to Cool-phase hybrid with the addition of a Monobloc heat pump.  Cool-phase uses phase change materials (PCM) to cool the room which brings down energy consumption by 90% compared to the cost of running a split air conditioner and also saves about 1 tonne of CO2 per year. 

Cool-phase is designed to last 20 years making it a low maintenance alternative to other cooling systems.  As well as saving money for the building owners such as universities there are also benefits for the building occupants.  Research has shown that temperature and CO2 levels can affect concentration and Cool-phase works to keep these within acceptable limits. 

 We will be presenting an update at Ashden’s one day conference on tackling energy demand. For more information about Cool-phase please visit our website.

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