One new COOL-PHASE unit has been installed in the ICT Room at Alderman Knight School to provide natural cooling within the area.

"Throughout our school there were very few rooms that suffered with no ventilation. All of our classrooms either have openable north lights or external doors. However we did have an ICT Suite, an Office and a Meeting Room with no external windows so we decided to utilise the Monodraught WINDCATCHER and COOL-PHASE systems within
these spaces. The COOL-PHASE system that we have in the ICT Suite manages the temperature of the room very well and whilst you may lose an element of control that you get with Air-Conditioning, you are reducing the energy consumption that you are using to cool the space. We also had some WINDCATCHER systems installed in the Main Hall which is very useful when the Hall is packed up over a period of time. It makes a big difference in terms of the levels of C02 and quality of the air" 

Matt Peplow - Business & Operation Manager at Alderman Knight School


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Windcatcher X-Air Natural Ventilation Systems

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Cool-phase Natural Cooling System

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