21st September 2015

Your SUNPIPE system will still be performing in Year 5 just as it was at the date of purchase!

Real Science vs Marketing Science

we subjected one of our SUNPIPE Natural Daylight systems to both a Light Transmittance Test and an Accelerated Ageing Test against SOLATUBE to compare the systems. The aim of the test was to observe how the materials in each system perform over the life cycle of the product in a simulated outdoor environment, rather that quoting figures from a manufacturer specification sheet under laboratory conditions.

At Monodraught we pride ourselves on the quality of our engineering. Because of this, we design our systems very carefully in accordance with the message we want

to convey:

  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Reliability

Many manufacturers of tubular skylights make vague, ambiguous and misleading claims asserting to be the “brightest” or “most efficient” system on the market whilst providing limited information tailored to support these assertions.

Monodraught have always been dedicated to the integrity of the SUNPIPE brand and subsequently base our design decisions around providing the best possible
solution for our clients and customers from every possible aspect.

As such, we firmly believe that SUNPIPE is demonstrably the best balance of outright performance, durability and longevity on the market today.

We believe that testing systems in this manner gives customers a far more informed understanding of the science behind these products and shows them exactly that they are putting on their roofs and how the
systems will function over time.




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