21st November 2016

A recent report from World First and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) titled “Thinking Global: The route to UK exporting success” found that less than a fifth of the UK’s SMEs were selling their goods and services overseas, compared with two-fifths of big business in the UK.  

With the Brexit vote front of mind for many, 42% of SMEs said it would hinder them; 19% said it would help them. Just over a third, or 35%, said it would make no difference.” 

Monodraught have over 25 distribution partners globally.  Where applicable these partners cover our full product range in natural cooling, lighting and ventilation solutions.  We continue to have concerns about the potential impact of Brexit in terms of rising costs and uncertainty in construction.  Nonetheless, we are committed to continuing our export business both within and outside the EU.

Some of our recent projects of note include a Nestlé factory in Vietnam, supporting the Christchurch bus exchange with natural ventilation as part of the re-build after the 2011 earthquake.  The Zero Carbon Building in Hong Kong and an award-winning school in France.  Most recently, we received an order for Sunpipe and X-Air Natural ventilation systems for the Azores for the Velas ferry terminal.  We are delighted at the prospect of helping all their beautiful natural light diffuse into their new construction.

Whilst spread over many different geographical areas, the projects all have common traits.  They are aiming to have a building that can be run sustainably i.e. reducing carbon footprint and maintaining a low energy cost.  They aim to source solutions which can be beneficial to building occupants either in terms of natural light, thermal comfort or fresh air and low CO2 levels.  Lastly they select solutions which require low ongoing maintenance and a proven reliable product.

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