8th June 2016

One of the aspects of our business which makes us unique is that we follow a cradle-to-grave approach for our commercial ventilation, cooling and lighting products. 

At the beginning of the process our R&D engineers design and refine our solutions.  The design team work on the right approach for your building using high-tech software including Navensys and IES VE-Pro.  Once your order has been placed, our experienced contracts team ensure that the correct solution is installed to the highest possible standard. 

We also offer an after-sales Maintenance and Service Solution.   By taking up this service building owners can guarantee the performance of the system which has been installed.

Our engineers cover a variety of services specific to your solution including:

  • Clean ceiling diffusers using anti-bacterial cleaner.
  • Access the motorised damper assembly and clean.
  • Make visible check of internal ducting for dirt and debris.
  • Check volume control dampers for obstructions.
  • Check volume control damper motor for correct operation.
  • Carry out visible inspection of the unit and fixings.
  • External check for obstructions to louvres of systems. Report and clean.
  • Explain to relevant employees the operation of the systems to ensure a correct understanding of the systems operation.
  • Check operation of manual overrides (where applicable) and controls programme.
  • Compile detailed Site Report indicate any replacement parts that may be required.
  • Update control strategies software to latest version where applicable.
  • Download data for analysis and compile detailed service report indicating any replacement parts that may be required (where applicable).

Building Maintenance Managers are also able to use the valuable data output on temperature and CO2 levels to both improve the performance of the building and feedback on our next R&D product development.   

To find out more about our after-sales service, contact your Monodraught contracts engineer.

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