28th September 2016

The trend for homeowners choosing to improve and renovate homes rather than take on the potential high costs of moving is continuing.  There is an appetite for improving either existing spaces in the home or to extend upward or outward to make best use of the space available.

Natural light has long been an area which has been proven to bring health benefits to occupants. As we move towards the winter months it is important to maintain as much natural light as possible inside our homes.  Most home improvements involve light bright extensions but can sometimes risk impacting the light in the rest of the house.  In these situations a Sunpipe system can be an ideal solution, bringing more natural light to a hallway, corridor or bathroom, without having to make structural changes.

As the original Sunpipe designers since 1974, Monodraught are considered the UK pioneers of natural light solutions.  In line with the trend for improving existing properties, we are launching a suite of new diffusers for our Sunpipe 300 mm, 450 mm and 530 mm systems.  This will provide more choice for our clients in order to pick the right finish for specific project requirements.

Monodraught continue to offer a high quality product both in terms of aesthetics and installation.  The diffuser has been completely re-designed and re-engineered to ensure a tighter fit with a quicker and more secure installation process.  The intuitive fit and modern finishes means even less maintenance will be required.

There are four stylish new options to choose from:

  • Orion: The classic Sunpipe design, double glazed to provide an excellent balance between thermal insulation and light transmission.
  • Contemporary: A contemporary option for the Orion with a flat, recessed diffuser.
  • Elite: Modern design with a crisp frosted finish.
  • Glass: Our premium offering, a single pane of 4mm Sand blasted diffused safety glass.

Customers may also select a white satin bezel or brushed stainless steel metal bezel.

Sunpipe systems are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a 10 year product guarantee.  Our Sunpipe tubes are manufactured from PVD coated aluminium meaning they won't deteriorate over time.  Independent tests from BRE demonstrate the highest sustained reflectance and transmittance compared to competitor solutions.      

To order your new SUNPIPE or to retrofit the new diffuser in an existing application, call our friendly team today 01494 897 700 or you can view the new diffuser range via the Sunpipe online shop.

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