27th October 2014

Monodraught’s innovative Cool-phase low energy ventilation and cooling system is now further enhanced thanks to its high-performance phase change material (PCM) being awarded a RAL Certificate following extensive testing.

The two-year test programme, which involves heating and cooling the material to capacity during 10,000 cycles, measures the material’s performance levels and working life. The actual figures achieved by the PCM during the 10,000 cycles is equivalent to 28 years of life in service, which well exceeds the 5-year Cool-phase guarantee and the 25 year design life estimated by Monodraught during its own Cool-phase product development programme.

Commenting for Monodraught, technical director Nick Hopper says this level of accredited performance, furthers the long term acceptance of the technology within the built environment.

RAL Certification provides an audited test for long term performance of Phase Change Material. Successful certification puts the Cool-phase system in a class of its own as a low energy cooling, ventilation and heat recovery system that reduces the running costs of buildings while creating a fresh and healthy indoor environment without compressors or hazardous coolants. The system uses intelligently controlled phase change material to actively ventilate and cool buildings, maintaining temperatures within the comfort zone, while radically reducing energy consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional cooling systems.

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