14th March 2017

Monodraught have been advocating the benefits of natural light and the use of our Sunpipe systems for many years.  Natural Daylight has been proven to create healthier indoor environments, lead to more productive and happier occupants and also reduces carbon emissions. 

We often talk about the health benefits for users of the buildings where natural lighting is being optimized.  For this reason we enjoyed hearing about a different application from our Dutch partner Bovema, which is to help not humans but small animals!

Their customer De Vaart; a combination of a General Contractor Dura Vermeer, Water Conservancy the Dommel, and the Provence of North Brabant has installed 11 Sunpipe systems.  This was part of a road widening programme in which the N279 was expanding from one to two lanes. Monodraught Sunpipe systems were installed below the road between Den Bosch and Veghel in the Netherlands. 

The 1000mm tubes enable small animals such as rabbits, hare, foxes or mice to safely cross the road.  The purpose is to provide energy-free light to the tunnels.  Bovema provided a bespoke flashing arrangement to mount the Sunpipe systems in the central reservation. 

Sunpipe is a natural lighting system that maximises the concept of renewable energy by channelling natural daylight from outdoors to indoor environments. This example shows that Sunpipes really are suited to almost any application. 

Past installations have included a full range of locations from residential buildings, the Olympic Handball Arena in London and even a Falcon Centre in Dubai. Sunpipes are designed for optimum efficiency and long working life, offering a 10 year guarantee.

Monodraught has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing low energy, low carbon, and sustainable solutions for over 40 years.  To find out more about how our solutions might meet the needs of your building project, however unusual they may be, please get in touch.

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