6th March 2015

 Sunpipes, Monodraught Natural Lighting systems, perform better and last longer!

As the pioneers of Sunpipe, we take great pride in the quality of our systems. We choose our materials very carefully to achieve high levels of performance, innovation, sustainability and reliability.

Diamond Dome:

We use high impact self cleaning Acrylic in our patented Diamond Dome as standard. Acrylic has a higher light transmittance over Polycarbonate and glass meaning we deliver more light into our system than other systems. In addition, polycarbonate is susceptible to severe hazing and discolouration when exposed to UV radiation. This means that not only will the amount of light being transmitted decrease as the material ages, but the domes will discolour and become unsightly. Sunpipe's Diamond Dome has been independently tested and proven to transmit over 20% more light than a leadinf competitor in overcast conditions when light transmittance is more important.


When combined with the double glazed Microprism diffusers, the EcoShield effectively makes the Sunpipe system a quadruple glazed system, resulting in an extremely low U-value and low sound transmission through the system. Using Gore technology  we seal the top dome completely from the rest iof the system, eliminating any possibility of weather ingress whilst preventing condensation through waterproof, breathable vents.

The Tube:

Sunpipe uses Super Silver mirror finished Aluminium for our tubing - rather than a polymer laminate that can be found in other products. We avoid using polymer laminates because the high performances they promise quicly deteriorate and within only a year the reflectance degradation is typically 30%.

Independently Tested:

Sunpipe has been independently tested at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to verify the systems performance against similar systems over the course of the products lifespan. Whereas other products can suffer a significant drop in performance over the course of just one year, Sunpipe has been proven to maintain its performance without any signs of degradation.


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