4th May 2016

The Monodraught SUNPIPE system allows daylight to be brought inside, allowing home owners the ability to achieve a brighter more natural indoor environment.  This natural light is more dynamic and brings more health benefits than traditional electrical lighting, as well as reducing energy consumption.

Why choose Monodraught for a natural lighting solution?

• Monodraught is the pioneer of SUNPIPES and continues to be the market leader.
• Our SUNPIPES are competitively priced, but highly engineered, ensuring you get a high quality solution at a great price.
• Monodraught are the only UK manufacturer of SUNPIPE systems.  We design, manufacture, deliver and can install, giving you cradle-to-grave quality assurance, together with our 10 year product guarantee.
• Recent tests conducted by independent third party Building Research Establishment (BRE) in a controlled lighting test environment, demonstrate the highest sustained reflectance and transmittance when compared with competitor solutions.
• Our diamond dome design is unique, the shape enables the SUNPIPE to be self-cleaning, reducing maintenance requirements.
• Monodraught SUNPIPE tubes are manufactured from PVD coated aluminium which means that the SUNPIPE maintains its reflectance value over 5 years, unlike polymer laminates which show a severe degradation in performance over time.
• The Monodraught Micro-Prism ceiling diffuser distributes the light transmitted through the system evenly providing all the benefits of a naturally lit space.

Monodraught has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing low energy, low carbon and sustainable solutions for over 40 years. Our company is focused around three product sets in which we are recognised as market leaders; natural and hybrid lighting, natural cooling and natural and hybrid ventilation. 

We will be exhibiting at Grand Designs Live at London Excel from 30th April-8th May.  You can find us as part of the Grand Build Area on stand B61 and we look forward to showing your our full range of natural and hybrid lighting products through our innovative new virtual reality demonstration.  If you can’t make it to Grand Designs please visit our website to find out more.

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