• Sector: Office
  • Contacts:
    • Design and build specialists: Loop Interiors
    • End-customer: Arlington Business Park
  • Location: Reading

Products installed

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3 N° Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim P Series air conditioning systems

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8 N° Mitsubishi Electric large capacity ducted systems

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1 N° bespoke control panel with alarm beacon

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Monodraught are an award winning Greentech company, providing high performance competitive systems with low running costs. 

Together with Loop Interiors, the Monodraught team have recently supplied, delivered and installed Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim P Series Split Air Conditioning Equipment to 3 comms rooms and 1 patch room, in preparation for client takeover of the building at Arlington Business Park.

Monodraught were also asked to validate the existing Mitsubishi VRF and ventilation systems.  The company devised a solution to re-use the existing equipment to fit in with the client’s office modifications.  The objective was to ensure as little disruption as possible and maximize the value of previous investments.The team further installed 8 large capacity ducted systems to the main comms room. 

Supplied by Mitsubishi Electric distributor Kooltech, these systems will operate on a N+1 basis controlled via a bespoke control panel with SMS E-mail Alert and Alarm Warning Beacon.  The alarm beacon has been set up so it will activate if the high temperature set point has been reached or if a fault input has been activated. 

On project completion, the premises at Arlington Business Park are fully resilient and reliable.  Building occupants can be enjoy a comfortable office environment when they relocate.  Future performance of the system is backed up by Monodraught’s high-quality customer support and warranties.

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