18th February 2016

On 10th Feb, Monodraught participated in Ashden and Arup’s sold-out one day conference “Tackling energy demand and management to achieve real reduction in non-domestic buildings”.  Keynote speakers included Dame Helen Ghosh from the National Trust, Munish Datta from Marks & Spencer and Rohan Parikh, formerly of Infosys. 

Key highlights varied from the value of employees being in control of reducing energy; with up to 27% of energy savings being made at National Trust HQ by employees, to the opportunity for sustainable commercial building construction in India. 

In the arena Monodraught operates in, there was a focus on using technology to simulate building performance and ensure energy savings work. Monodraught use IES & Navensys thermal modelling tools on a daily basis simulate the anticipated thermal conditions experienced as a result of the installation of our natural ventilation and low energy cooling and ventilation systems within a given building.

Improved lighting design was another area discussed with both an intention to increase natural lighting usage and utilise the energy saving benefits of LED lighting. Our hybrid lighting solution SUNPIPE® Luxloop would be an ideal addition for a new green building or retrofit.

Colin Haworth, Monodraught Sales Director presented in the rapid-fire morning session on energy reduction solutions focusing on our COOL-PHASE® Hybrid solution.  COOL-PHASE is an innovative, economic and ultra-low carbon alternative to air conditioning using phase change materials.  Colin high-lighted how our solution can help drive a significant reduction in energy usage in a building whilst providing the most comfortable, productive and healthy environment for its occupants. 

To see a video demonstrating COOL-PHASE please visit our YouTube channel.

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