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6 No. Monodraught COOL-PHASE® systems with LTHW heating modules

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4 N° Monodraught Smart Screen Controllers

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Monodraught hybrid cooling systems were recently installed at Woking Civic Centre.  Cool-phase has been installed in the newly refurbished and relocated front of house Job Centre Plus area, group session room and shared conference room. 

Cool-phase is a low-energy cooling and ventilation system that creates a thermally comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment by monitoring internal air quality and ensuring there is a supply of fresh air.  The low-carbon solution ensures that building performance is optimized with minimum impact on energy costs. 

By installing Cool-phase, Woking Civic Centre is able to provide a positive environment for visitors.  They ensure that there is a fresh cool environment to enable visitors and staff to focus on their job search.  In the winter months or during cooler weather, our LTHW heating modules will continue to maintain CO2 levels and simultaneously warm the room without the need for radiators taking up valuable wall space.

Monodraught smart-screen controllers have been installed in the Job Centre Plus area.  Through the capacitive touchscreen interface, the Facility Manager and employees at the Civic Centre can understand more about how Cool-phase works, adjust settings, and maintain a comfortable environment with minimal energy use.

Cool-phase is the ideal alternative to air condition for Northern climates like the UK and can be retrofitted into existing buildings or new builds. 

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