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Hybrid lighting, sustainability and wellbeing

Monodraught published a CPD module in the CIBSE Lighting Supplement (December 2015). The module focuses on hybrid lighting, sustainability and wellbeing. It explores the evolution of lighting systems and the impact of hybrid systems on the built environment and energy costs in multiple sectors from healthcare through to education.

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Circadian Lighting and Sunpipe LuxLoop

In this CPD, Monodraught explores Circadian Lighting, which is the concept behind Sunpipe LuxLoop. Sunpipe LuxLoop combines the Sunpipe Natural Daylight system with an incredibly efficient and intelligent LED solution. 

Monodraught presents this new solution using virtual reality. Users will be able to use virtual reality glasses and see for themselves how both commercial and residential buildings might look once Sunpipe LuxLoop systems are installed plus installation videos and Day to Night Animations.

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Natural Daylight for healthier and energy efficient commercial environments

In this CPD, Monodraught explores how natural daylight enables healthier indoor environments and more productive occupants. In addition it helps reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. Monodraught presents case studies where natural daylight has proven to be effective and explains natural daylight and building regulations compliance.

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Harnessing the environment for building ventilation

In this CPD, Monodraught goes through the benefits of natural ventilation for commercial building applications. Describes the types of natural ventilation strategies and systems we offer as well as ventilation controls. Explains how to model our ventilation systems using tools like IES or BIM modules and presents case studies where natural ventilation contributed to create more sustainable buildings.

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Natural Ventilation and Building Regulations

In this CPD, Monodraught goes through different building regulations in relation to ventilation and explains how natural ventilation systems can contribute to comply with these building regulations.

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Natural cooling and ventilation for improved building sustainability and healthier occupants

Monodraught published a CPD module in the CIBSE Journal (July 2016). The module explores the use of phase-change materials in ventilation systems to reduce a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

While traditional air conditioning systems are likely to offer more accurate temperature (and humidity) control, PCM-based natural cooling and ventilation can be beneficial through reducing energy consumption while supplying ventilation air for a building.

Case studies – including the one referred to in this CPD – have shown that energy costs of such systems can be relatively low, while CO2 and temperature levels are also kept within the required limits.

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Phase Change Materials Applications: Cool-phase and Cool-phase Hybrid

In this CPD Monodraught explains the concept of thermal mass and describes different construction applications for Phase Change Materials. Monodraught introduces Cool-phase which is a natural cooling and low energy ventilation systems that works through the use of PCMs and an intelligent control strategy. Cool-phase Hybrid is an innovative enhancement that links high efficiency air to water heat pumps with Monodraught’s phase change material system.

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Understanding PSBP2 and Hybrid Ventilation

The Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) is a centrally managed programme set up to address the needs of the schools most in need of urgent repair. In this CPD Monodraught explains PSBP2 and the concept of hybrid ventilation to provide natural ventilation, secure night time cooling and boosted levels of ventilation during summer to schools in the UK. Following the release of the Facilities Output Specification for the Priority Schools Building Programme, Monodraught have utilised their extensive knowledge, product testing, and building simulation skills to develop low energy ventilation systems which meet the Facilities Output Specification requirements in a cost efficient manner.

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Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools

This CPD covers the benefits of natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation to achieve high indoor air quality in schools. Monodraught outlines ventilation strategies and systems that reliably meet requirements for thermal comfort and energy efficiency. It also showcases building simulation tools like IES or BIM modules and presents case studies where natural ventilation, natural cooling and hybrid ventilation contributed to create healthier classrooms.

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Hybrid Lighting for healthier and more energy efficient offices

In this CPD, Monodraught explores hybrid lighting as an ultra-low energy lighting strategy that considers both cost and user friendliness. 

There is more focus than ever on how the construction industry can continue to support the reduction in energy consumption for residential and commercial buildings.  Increased information-based economic activity has brought more and more workers indoors, requiring them to have improved illumination.  This seminar will cover how hybrid lighting can both provide an economic and health and well-being benefit to offices where it is installed.

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